Danny Crous


"I am from Botswana and I am in love with the wildness, animals and nature of Africa! It will always be my home, however I also have a great passion for travelling and learning about different cultures, people, food and again the natural environment. I have lived and worked in 7 different countries including Argentina, Seychelles and France and I have backpacked through many more. I am currently travelling through Sri Lanka for a month, then I plan to either spend the summer working in Europe or I might go back home to start work in an exciting new safari venture. Although there are many countries I still want to visit I also want to open my own business in the form of an interactive Eco-lodge for travellers to Botswana, so travelling might have to be put on hold for a bit! No problem, as long as I can continue doing my other two passions - photography and fishing - I will be happy! :) "

Fernando Adrados Moran


im Fernando, born in Madrid 27 years ago. Spanish Air force pilot deployed in an Water bombing squadron. My most important hobby is to travel the world, any time thatvi dont have to work im travelling and also flying old classic planes. I love reading and playing basketball

Anna Rost


I am a girl from the beautiful city Dresden which is located in the east of Germany.
I studied social work and currently I am working which children and youths who can’t live with their families because of different problems etc. It’s kind of a living community for them. I really like doing photos with my GoPro and I am also a member of the GoPro family which is an ambassador program from GoPro and it’s sooo cool to be a part of this family. I also like different activities like hiking, having fun with friends for example having barbecues in summer and traveling and discovering cool new places around the world. 

Paty Moreno

I am a Brazilian girl, living in Rio de Janeiro. I am 34 years and love to travel and photographs. I work in a petrochemical plant since 2003. I live at paradise, so my favorite places are beaches and top of mountains to see above everything.

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