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We have designed a stylish leather case that protects and enhances your GoPro action camera. The New Woodman is expertly crafted to fit snugly over the GoPro housing, with two sturdy buttons snapping satisfyingly into place. The hand-polished leather and rugged, durable construction lend your GoPro a timeless, vintage quality. Also included in the package is a circular lens that slips over the GoPro lens and further heightens the natural aesthetic. Finally, the double-stitched leather strap, which can be slung over the shoulder or hung over the neck, ensures your GoPro is always at the ready, so you'll never miss a shot. The New Woodman instantly transforms your GoPro camera into a stylish companion for hiking trips or even a day in the city.

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Donovan contreras 22-09-2016 18:25
How to purchase
New Woodman 10-01-2017 17:52
Donovan, visit "SHOP", choose preferable kind of a case, add it to cart, and pay via PayPal.
Tina 08-02-2017 21:53
Love the case but what kind of lens is that or do you only sell the case? Also on the ipad case will it fit the new ipad? Thank you
Fabiola silva 08-03-2017 16:15
ENVIos a chile hacen ?
New Woodman 31-03-2017 09:09

Tina, Standard package includes case, lens with cap (available for cases for Hero 3/4), strap and wooden box.

It is 37 mm UV lense with no zoom effect which helps to protect the GoPro objective lens from scratches, slightly eliminates glare and makes it more stylish.

Let's discuss details about iPad case via email.

New Woodman 31-03-2017 09:12
Fabiola, yes, we deliver worldwide!
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