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Dima 11-07-2016 14:55
It looks awesome!
Marcus herrera 22-09-2016 18:39
What size would i purchase i have the extended touch screen on my goprO? And what is the price of it?
Gina williams 27-10-2016 01:21
Are you making cases for gopro that holds the LED screen and camera yet? I Just recieved my Woodman case in the mail today. I love it. Great quaLity and looks great ! Thank you. I just learned that gopro has the LED screen ....... which i will purchase. Si now i need a case that holds both. Please leg me know if you are making them yet. Hoe much they are? And when available....... thank you for such great quality.
New Woodman 10-01-2017 17:14
Dima, thank you for appreciating!
New Woodman 10-01-2017 17:22
Marcus, we have stand-alone items in our shop for GoPro Hero 3 and 4 with LCD bacpac. The price is $72.
New Woodman 10-01-2017 17:24
Gina, thank you for appreciating! yes, we make such cases. It costs $72.
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