My name is Artyom Yemelyanov. If you asked me to describe myself in a single phrase, I would say “in motion”. Parachute and bungee jumping, rock climbing and trampoline tumbling, snowboarding and swimming, music and business. I travel a lot, and at 26 years old I have already visited, I suppose, all the highlights of my home territory of Perm and nearby regions. The Urals do not only have severe winters, but also offer wonderful mountain scenes located within walking distance as well. I have been rafting in the period of spring ice drifts, ascended the summits, listened to the roaring of the cascade of waterfalls and enjoyed the pristine silence of nature.   

    For two consecutive years now I have not been using reflex photographic and video cameras. The miniature action camera GoPro replaced them. The domain of its usage has been beyond the field of extreme sports for a long time now. Presently it is my faithful companion on walks, family parties, celebrations and while trekking.

    How this idea appeared

While taking amateur pictures at my friend’s wedding I felt very uncomfortable. Why? My female companion was in her evening dress, I was in a suit corresponding to the ceremonial atmosphere of the event, and I held in my hands a half-meter stick with the GoPro fixed on its tip. I looked like a camera crew worker as opposed to a guest of the newlyweds. 


    On that evening I had the idea of making a case for my favorite camera, to make it easy to use not only in extreme photography, but in other situations as well. To develop the prototype I presented myself to the best leather atelier of Udmurtia. Despite the distance between the cities, a week and a half later we had already made the first example of our natural leather case.

The result exceeded all our expectations. When we did not find analogues in Russia, with support of our loved ones, we started the detailed elaboration of the model, to make the case accessible for everyone who would like to have it.

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