Leather case for GoPro Hero 4 Black


Handmade leather case
Wooden box
Removable lens
Leather case for GoPro Hero 4 Black
$8 Worldwide delivery

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Discover new opportunities for your GoPro!
It is always interesting to collect photos and videos of our lives! And it is especially easy and enjoyable to do this when you have a compact camera in a beautiful, handy case at your fingertips.
Seize the moment!
GoPro is multipurpose. This camera could be your faithful companion not only on the snowy hills or in amongst the waves, but in the intervals between the adventures as well. Having designed the case for GoPro we tried to make this camera perfect for day-to-day use. Walks with friends, trekking and rafting, performances of favorite bands – would you like these events to remain not only in your memory, but in photos and videos as well? A compact camera in a stylish case is all you need to seize the best moments of your life!
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«Ideal balance between the shape and functionality. Perfect combination of style and usability.»
Artem Emelyanov (founder)
Nobility and long service lifetime of the materials
For our cases we use genuine leather of high quality only. Leather is a hard and unusually strong material, just like the Urals’ inhabitants’ nature. At the same time the leather products are soft, agreeable to the touch and bring a sense of warmth. Perfect seams join the pattern made from leather, producing a long-life product in a unique copy! It is impossible to find a second one as each leather has its own unique tincture and a particular texture. This exclusive accessory will complete your unique style and you will enjoy it every day for many years.

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